Paul Atkins, ASC & Stephen Lighthill, ASC


Paul Atkins, ASC & Stephen Lighthill, ASC
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Courses by Paul Atkins, ASC & Stephen Lighthill, ASC

Lighting People - On Location

In this 4-hour course, master cinematographers Stephen Lighthill, ASC, and Paul Atkins, ASC, share their tips and tricks for on-location lighting, both indoors and outdoors. This is particularly relevant for documentary filmmakers, who often have to work with what’s available in terms of location. Having worked as DPs in the industry for many decades, Paul and Stephen share a wealth of experience and knowledge with a diverse group of filmmakers, and the MZed audience has an exclusive chance to be part of that workshop. > The ASC Lighting People course was filmed in Austria as part of the Jackson Wild Summit. You can watch the other course with Stephen and Paul, [The ASC Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop](, for free on MZed as well.

Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop

Join The ASC at the Jackson Wild Film Festival in Austria as we explore wildlife filmmaking philosophy and techniques.

The ASC Clubhouse Conversations

The ASC Clubhouse Conversations format is a series of talks with world-renowned cinematographers as they share their inspirations and experiences while analyzing their work and creative process.

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