Watching Courses and Content

MZed's content is hosted on Vimeo, one of the world's leading video hosting platforms (only Netflix and YouTube serve more videos). Vimeo's player constantly monitors the video performance and adjusts the quality of the video to provide you with the best performance.

Vimeo offers a list of bandwidth requirements as well as suggestions for improving your playback performance.

If you meet these requirements but experience issues playing the content please contact us.

MZed Pro members can download lessons and courses using our iOS app for iPhone and iPad but are unable to download via a browser.

If you have purchased the content outright, you can download individual course modules in a browser by clicking on the download icon next to the module name on the course page.

MZed offers English captioning on most courses and some non-English subtitles on select courses. To see if a course offers captions and/or subtitles, look below the course description on the course page.

MZed Pro members will be able to stream available captions and subtitles from the video player, and customers who purchase courses outright will also have access to download the captions and subtitles from the module download area of the course page.

Yes we do! Many of our courses have a free introductory lesson, and some are over an hour long and offer way more than an overview of the course. All you have to do is register for a free account to get started.

To see a summary of our free offerings, here’s a list of all our free lessons.

If you’re new to MZed and learning how to become a filmmaker, we’ve put together a guide for what courses to watch and in what order: learn filmmaking step by step.

Many of our courses have learning aids, downloadable media, and helpful resources that are offered in addition to the video tutorials. You can find them in the “Resources” tab directly below the video player. General course assets can usually be found in the Resources tab under the first or last module in a given course.

MZed Pro

MZed Pro is an annual subscription service from MZed, which gives you unlimited streaming access to our large library of filmmaking and education courses, as well as selected new content that we add to our library continually.

MZed Pro features more than 240 hours of education. For a full list of the courses and content in the MZed Pro library please visit our courses page.

An MZed Pro subscription is only $299 for 12 months of unlimited streaming, plus offline viewing with our iOS app. To purchase the courses and own them for life, it would cost over $8,000.

To break it down, an MZed Pro membership is about $25/month for over 225 hours of high level courses. That’s less than $10 per course, and about $1 per hour of content.

Yes and no. In addition to all the current MZed Pro content, members get access to selected new courses that are released during a subscription year. That means the amount of available courses for you to watch will continue to grow during your 12 months of membership.

However, some of our courses are released as Premium courses at first, meaning they are for purchase only and are currently not available to stream for MZed Pro subscribers. New courses that are released as Premium are especially costly to produce or license, so they’re given about a year to recoup costs before they join the MZed Pro library. That means when you join, there may be a course or two that is Premium for a period of time, but it may join the library during your 12 months subscription.

MZed Pro members do get a large discount on Premium courses, which can be purchased at any time during a membership year. New customers may also choose to join MZed with an MZed Pro Premium membership, which bundles MZed Pro plus one Premium course at a discount.

In most cases, yes. New courses that are released as Premium are especially costly to produce or license, so they’re given about a year to recoup costs before they join the MZed Pro library.

While we aren't able to say that every course we ever produce or license will be added to MZed Pro, our goal is to add each new course to MZed Pro at some stage, growing the MZed Pro library. However, as per the terms of service, MZed reserves the right to add courses to, and remove courses from, MZed Pro at any time.

No. An MZed Pro account is for one individual, and account sharing is in violation of the terms & conditions. Members found to be sharing logins are subject to have their accounts terminated.

MZed does offer special education and institution pricing which is designed to accomodate larger group licenses. For more information please contact us.

MZed Pro members can download lessons and courses using our iOS app for iPhone and iPad but are unable to download via a browser.

If you have purchased the content outright, you can download individual course modules in a browser by clicking on the download icon next to the module name on the course page.

We've partnered with some leading industry brands to bring MZed members an outstanding range of discounts that could easily save you more than the cost of your annual membership, including AbelCine, Vimeo (20% off paid memberships), FIlmConvert (30% off), Movidiam (50% off individual membership), Musicbed (20% off), Filmsupply (20% off), BlueCat Audio (20% off), New Audio Technology (40% off), Waves (35% off Gold membership), Kitsplit (10% off gear rentals) and Hurlbut Academy (up to $100 off annual membership).

MZed Pro members can access these membership discounts in their account page.

When signing up for a new membership, you have the option to bundle the MZed Pro annual subscription with one Premium course, offered at a large discount compared to purchasing the Premium course on its own.

The bundle means you have unlimited access to MZed Pro library content for 12 months, including offline viewing with our iOS app, and you have lifetime ownership and downloading rights to the Premium course you choose during the signup.

The other benefit to MZed Pro Premium is you can choose to split the cost into three subsequent monthly payments with our EZ-Pay system.

Yes! While you could certainly gift an individual course, an MZed Pro membership is our most popular gift choice as it gives a year’s access to the majority of our education library. You choose when you want your gift to be emailed to your giftee, and we’ll also provide you with a printable certificate that you can give in person if you wish. Learn more here.

Account & Billing

To see all your invoices please visit the Billing & Membership section of the My Account page. Customers who signed up via our iOS can access their billing via the App Store (see instructions here).

When you sign up to MZed Pro your subscription is set to automatically renew when your membership is about to expire. This setting can be modified at any time in the Billing & Membership section of the My Account page.

Customers who signed up via our iOS can access their subscription management via the App Store (see instructions here).

To update the credit card that will be used for your MZed Pro membership please visit the Billing & Membership section of the My Account page.

If you're having trouble logging in, you can reset your password by visiting the "Forgot Password" page. Enter the email address that you used to register your account (either during purchase or registration), and click "Send reset email".

If the email address you entered matches an account in our system, an email will be sent with a unique link that allows you to reset the password. Click on the "reset password" link in the email, and then on the page that loads, enter your new password.

If this process doesn't seem to work for you, or you are still unable to access your account after resetting your password please contact us to help you.

We don't offer one-off education pricing as all our content is designed to be a learning tool (versus other companies that offer special education pricing for products and services that have a wider scope and include commercial application).

However we do offer special pricing for institutions that want to offer the content to multiple users on a single account, or display the content to groups. For a quote on special licensing please contact us.

MZed Pro memberships are 12-months, however please note that the hour of day is not taken into account (due to the third-party partner we work with to facilitate subscriptions), so for example if you sign up at 11PM UTC, day two of your membership period will commence an hour later.

As detailed in our Terms of Service, all times listed in your account are in UTC timezone.

From time to time we do have promotions and sales. If you’d like to be notified of upcoming offers, please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email at the bottom of this page.

We have a generous seven-day money back guarantee for new MZed Pro subscriptions, with some limitations. For more information, please see section 6 under our terms of service.

We do not offer refunds on outright course purchases, as this policy could be easily abused by downloading the course and requesting a refund.

Please note that any account enquiries and refund requests for purchases made via our iOS app must be made directly to Apple.


Yes! We'd love to hear your ideas, as the aim of MZed is to provide the very best education for our members and customers. Please contact us with your idea, but please note that all submitted suggestions, ideas and concepts become the property of MZed.

Yes we do. Here at MZed we believe we offer some of the very best educational content for creatives that is available anywhere in the world, and we'd love for you to share this with people.

Please note that access to the affiliate program is subject to approval. To apply to become an affiliate please contact us.

MZed original founder, Monte Zucker, was a pioneering American photographer and educator who influenced tens of thousands of photographers around the world.

For more information on Monte's life, his work and his legacy please visit www.montezucker.com.

Yes absolutely! All of our courses provide you with professional development that we encourage you to promote and share.

To add a completed MZed course to your LinkedIn profile, simply edit your profile here and enter the following details:

1. Under "Certification name" enter the title of the course you've completed.

2. Under "Certification authority" enter MZed and select MZed from the list that appears.

3. Select the checkbox "This certification does not expire"

Yes, we offer certifications for most of our courses, which are generated as soon as you complete a course. The certificates will be automatically emailed to you, and you can also access them on the My Certificates page in your account settings.

If you’ve finished a course but still haven’t received your certificate, please ensure that you’ve watched the final course lesson all the way through the end credits to the very end of the video so that your certificate is issued.

At this time, the iOS app is only accepting standard logins with email address and password, so if you’ve created an MZed account using Google or Facebook and want to access the app, please use our password reset utility to create a standard login.

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