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Building a Pitch Deck

Lesley Powers

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When pitching your project, often you only have seconds to grab someone's attention. Join Lesley Powers for this rare opportunity to learn how to build a memorable pitch deck for your Film/TV project. Pitch decks are a niche that Powers describes as a digital vision board. The collaboration between graphic designer and creator is vital - entrusting someone to give life to your story is no small feat, and one Powers takes very seriously. In this course you'll learn everything you need to know about how to make your own pitch deck, or work with a designer to create a visual presentation that sells your project.

Adventure Filmmaking with Russ Malkin

Russ Malkin

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We've all been stuck at home going stir crazy, so what better time than now to get outside and have an adventure? As a filmmaker you have this precious gift of being able to go out into nature and make an amazing travel documentary. How do you combine filmmaking with traveling? How do you make sure you can come home in one piece? And how do you turn it into your job? Join Russ Malkin on Adventure Filmmaking.

This course includes Part 1: Before You Go, Part 2: On Your Adventure, and Part 3: When You Get Home. Parts 2 and 3 will be released soon, stay tuned!

Producing from the Front

Graham Ehlers Sheldon

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Your passion is film production. How and where to start? Producing from the Front by Graham Ehlers Sheldon is that place. Learn from this award winning producer as he takes you through the thrills and challenges of the industry he loves, sharing every step of the way the inside scoop on what it takes to produce quality content that people watch.

Starting a Youtube Channel

Kitty Peters

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Are you ready to start a YouTube channel? In this course, visual artist Kitty Peters guides you through the entire process, from choosing a niche, setting up your studio, breaking through the constant challenges, and figuring out how to make money along the way. There's no better time to join the YouTube creator community, all you need is the desire to begin and this course to show you how.

The Indie Film Blueprint

Rubidium Wu

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Are you about to make your first indie film? Watch out - there are so many roadblocks that many filmmakers get burned out and never make another film again. But thanks to this course, you won't have to make the same mistakes that thousands of other filmmakers make, over and over again. Join instructor Rubidium Wu as he guides you through the entire indie filmmaking journey, step by step, while providing his advice on how to launch a career in filmmaking without falling for the common traps and pitfalls.

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