See MZed Captions in 100+ Languages with Google Chrome

French, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese and many more languages supported.

International MZed members rejoice: you can now follow along most MZed courses with captions in your native language.

While the majority of our courses are limited to English subtitles in the video captions, with the Google Chrome browser you can now see translated captions below the video, in the Transcript window.


Over 100 Languages Supported with Live Transcripts

If you haven’t seen it in action, our live transcription feature provides a new way to follow along with a video lesson using sentence highlights. In the Transcript window below any lesson, you’ll see the highlighted words that are currently being said in the video above. You can also click on a word in the transcription, and the video will jump to that section of the lesson.

We know this is a different method of seeing captions than you’re used to, where subtitles are usually visible directly on the video itself, but in this way we can bring MZed education to many more languages than we could ever hope to do with standard video captions.

Currently Google Chrome supports over 100 different languages with its translate tool, which means you can now see MZed captions in virtually every language imaginable, including French, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and so on.


How To Use Google Chrome to See International Captions

To get started, we recommend updating your Google Chrome desktop browser to the latest version. Then, go to any MZed lesson page and click on the Transcript button next to Module Description, Course Description, Notes, and Bookmarks.

Now you can right click anywhere in the browser window, and if you’ve never translated anything with Chrome before, you’ll see an option to “Translate to English.”


At the top of your browser next to the URL, you’ll see a little Google Translate button. You can now click on the three vertical dots and select “Choose Another Language.” Here you can choose from a drop down list of over 100 languages.


After you do this once, the next time you load up an MZed video lesson, your language setting will be remembered and you’ll be able to speed the translation process. For example, if you’ve selected French as your language, now when you right click anywhere in the browser, you’ll see “Translate to francais” as the default option.


And there you have it! A simple and easy way to see live video captions in your native language. When you load a video that begins where you last paused it, you may need to scroll down through the Transcript until you see the highlighted words. Then you can follow along as the video progresses.

Thanks for your support, and please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

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