Illumination Cinematography Workshop

Shane Hurlbut ASC

Illumination Cinematography Workshop

Shane Hurlbut ASC
6h 39m
10 modules (view curriculum)

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    6h 39m


Join Hollywood DP Shane Hurlbut ASC as he guides you through his complete cinematography playbook. This comprehensive workshop covers both theory and practical application of lighting, lensing and composing scenes, giving you unlimited on-set and behind-the-scenes access with Shane.



As we commence the course Shane introduces the equipment that will be used throughout, including lighting, cameras, lenses and more. He then covers some important film-era camera rituals that have been lost and explains when and why to use them.


In his module Shane introduces Key lighting and gives creative inspiration for key light sources using examples from his resume of hit films.

1h 11m

In this module Shane shares a lighting study that he uses on every film to discover the best approach to lighting the cast. He explains lighting from different angles for mood and creativity, and explains varying diffusion methods. 


Moving on from he 'How' to light, Shane delves into the 'Why', using his 2000 film "Crazy/Beautiful" as a case study. He shares his creative process for deconstructing a script and creating a visual tone for lighting and cinematography, and sets up the scene for the following workshop. 


In this first workshop module, Shane takes us through how he lights this indoor daylight scene. We then cover actor blocking and camera movement with the primary dolly setup before experimenting with a gimbal and DIY approach.


In this chapter we continue coverage on the indoor day scene from "Crazy/Beautiful", using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


As we complete coverage on the indoor day scene Shane directs the scene and shows how to use varied lighting and camera techniques to draw different emotions.


Shane explains back lighting using his work on "The Rat Pack" as an example, and takes us through another light study to understand the finer points of this lighting technique. 


Shane talks through his inspiration for lighting on “The Rat Pack", deconstructing a key scene from the film. We then get to see him recreate the same scene, and finally Shane shows how to achieve a similar look on a budget. 


In this final module of the workshop Shane deconstructs a high-action night car chase scene from his work on "Need for Speed". He shows how he was able to light the entire sequence using primarily practical lighting and the versatility of digital cinema cameras. We then conclude the workshop by covering fill light, using Shane's work on the film "The Greatest Game Ever Played" to illustrate. 

About the Educator

Shane Hurlbut ASC


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Shane Hurlbut, ASC is a world-renowned cinematographer and gifted narrative storyteller who has lensed numerous feature films, commercials, music videos as well as episodic television programs.


This Is great! I learned lighting hacks, image interpretation and camera movements. Really useful!
Esteban David
This course is great, Shane thank you so much for share you experience.
Yesid Cardozo
Awesome workshop with a valuable content
Arnoldo Carrasquero
Amazing course! Thank you so much!
Katya Yefetova
Hristo Spiridonov
Thank You
Łukasz Kucharski
As a beginner, just learnt so much.
Max Norden
Shane is great! He offers a lot of insight and divulges some cinema secrets. Definitely worth a few viewings.
Greg M
Absolutely amazing course with insightful technical information, but also great career / on set advice.
Will J Carman
Awesome! Online Cinematography Workshop. A lot of applicable tips and tricks. Thank you. Salute to Shane!
John Rey Agcalis
Really good course to understand how important is the right uses of illumination in storytelling.
Jose Eduardo Barrios Sotillo
Amazing, in-depth look at cinematic lighting and practical application.
Jacob Tapia
Awesome workshop! Great teacher.
Charles Seay
Excellent course!
Renan Felippe Escada do Nascimento
Amazing insider knowledge when it comes to cinematic lighting!
Dominik Nikiel
Very good, Shane show us the basics of professional cinematography. Perfect to start in the good way with good practice.
Julien Gouz
I really enjoy how he instructs the class.
Randy Ruiz
A very interesting course where you get a detailed BTS look into how to light to create the wanted effect and emotions by working with light. Thank you!
David Jorissen
Very interesting and also useful. Thanks!
Károly Balázs
Amazing course!!!
Diego Sousa
This is not just about lights, it's about knowing the story to understand the mood, the emotion to make sure that the right light is there to make the emotion live.
Mathieu Provost
Incredible. Shane is a wealth of knowledge and I felt like he was talking to me directly when teaching.
Kid Hudson
Really well done and always good to learn new ways to light. Well done Shane!
Gheorghe Torica
Great practical steps to achieving the emotional goals of a film through creative lighting techniques. Shane shares his years of experience and how he communicates with the production team that helps shape the overall look and feel of the entire project. Fantastic!
Michael Helms
More great instructions and insights from Shane Hurlbut!
Steven Erickson
Great overall - especially at the end...really shows how hard it is to be good at this job!
bill mckenna
Shane's course is everything you'd want in an online learning experience. Instructive, engaging, and even entertaining. There's something to learn here for the first-time cinematography to the seasoned professional.
Nathan Cronk
This course give a lot of lesson worth years of film school. You get the best tips from industry professional. Worth all the hours.
yoshua sanjaya
Superb insight to how lighting is used to create deep emotion! Makes you wish taking part in the actual workshop.
Peter Mankowski
Excellent content! I learned a lot. The only reason it is not 5 stars is because I find the camera capturing of Shane himself to be a little rough and it took me away from the content.
Johan Kezer
Six hours of pure lighting. You can feel the passion of Shane for his work, and for teaching. Good tips and advice.
Ivi Koyck
In-depth study for lighting. Well designed course for intermediate level.
Keval Patel
Randy Tomlinson
Great course. It teaches a lot about lighting that you never would have guess in film. Especially on it's importance.
Terrell Epps
Brilliant course. Only wish it came with course notes or slides
Darren George
Enlightening workshop.
Rob Harvey
I learned a lot form this class but I feel this is not really a class for beginners but I highly recommend this class for an intermediate.
Leslie Balla

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