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Founded over 50 years ago by pioneering photographer and educator Monte Zucker, MZed strives for excellence in education for filmmakers and creative professionals

The Very Beginnings

Monte Zucker was one of the world's best known and most loved portrait photographers. Known as "The Creator" due to his constant innovation, his style of simple, direct and emotional portraits changed photographic history - and still resonates today.

From a very early stage in his career Monte understood the value in sharing his ideas, concepts and his pioneering approach to photography. He started teaching in the 1960s as well as authoring regular columns in popular photography magazines and journals, and became one of the leading photographic educators of the twentieth century.

His popularity as an educator didn't slow down his approach to his work however, and Monte continued to be an influential educator and photographer through his life, and was awarded almost every accolade possible, including the United Nations Photographer of the Year in 2002.

A revolution in image making

The last decade has seen a revolution in filmmaking, fuelled by the introduction of DSLR and digital cinema cameras. To bridge the gap between stills and motion, the photographic community looked to Monte Zucker Photographic Education as their guide into this realm, and in 2010 PhotoFusion Revolution launched as our first workshop to incorporate filmmaking.

Under the guidance of Monte’s former assistant Jeff Medford, MZed established itself as one of the world's most trusted names in education for filmmakers, whether they be established or emerging, professional or amateur.

Our educators include Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and filmmaker Vincent Laforet, Saturday Night Live cinematographer Alex Buono, feature-film cinematographer Shane Hurlbut ASC (Need for Speed, Terminator Salvation), celebrated photographer Jerry Ghionis and many more.

Educational excellence for today's creative professional

Over 50 years later, Monte's legacy lives on in the hundreds of thousands of students that have been educated by MZed's workshops, masterclasses and online education. And it continues to grow through each and every MZed Pro member that has access to a wide library of continually expanding content to help improve their craft and enhance their journey as artists.

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